Saturday, March 3, 2012

Civil War History - March, 2012.

The 150th anniversary of the Civil War beckoned us to discover more of the history.  We began in early March to visit some battlefields in Tennessee and Mississippi.   
Fort Donelson

  Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River in Tennessee was our first stop.  Here is where the Union General Ulysses S. Grant would accept nothing but "unconditional surrender" and thereafter was known as US (unconditional surrender) Grant.


Stones River
There were more Union than Confederate casualties at the Battle of Shiloh, however it resulted in a tactical victory for the North.

Most Civil War battles were fought in open fields.  Chickamauga was an exception.  It took place on wooded terrain.

The charge up Missionary Ridge at the Battle of Chattanooga is considered one of the greatest charges of the Civil War.

There were 23,515 casualties at the Battle of Stones River.